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Mush with PRIDE

  • David Monson, 907-479-3825

Second Chance League


Siberian Husky Rescue/Referral (SHRR) of California

  • Marilyn Lassagne, 303 Cameo Dr., Danville, CA 94526, 800-473-2274.  Marilyn is the California coordinator for Siberian Husky rescue and is the main contact for SHCA rescue west of the Rockies.  She puts out a monthly newsletter called "Update".  This lists dogs available for adoption. Those listing dogs pay a listing fee of $10 and the dog will stay on the list until adopted. There is no charge for foster homes to list.  It also lists pounds and local SPCA's that have Siberians available.
  • Available, Lost, and Found dogs in California, Oregon and Nevada may be listed on their page by using their "Add A Dog" form
  • Currently available through SHRR/CA
  • SHRR/CA listings of shelter dogs
  • SHRR/CA listings of dogs being placed privately

Northern California Sleddog Rescue

Northern California Malamute Rescue-MUSH

Bay Area Siberian Husky Club

Husky Haven of L.A.

Husky Rescue Southern California

Half Moon Husky Rescue

San Diego Huskies

Husky Camp

Siberians Needing Owners (SNO)

Alleys Rescued Angels


  • Currently available from other sources:
    • "Sasha" -- Female MIX, tan and white, brown eyes, 13 to 18 months old, spayed.  Healthy, all shots up to date.  High energy, happy, a jumper.  Loves to play, needs to run.  Chews everything (typical of this age), but has a sweet nature.  Owner cannot give her enough exercise.  She has a small yard and works a lot.  For more information, contact:  Ruth Shorer, 510-848-0237 x122,
    • FOUND:  Male, black and white, blue eyes, 13 to 18 months old, neutered, microchipped but not registered.  Beautiful, healthy young male.  Very good natured, gets along well with other dogs.  Poster's daughter found the dog, but they have other dogs and cannot keep this dog.  For more information, contact:  B. Hernandez, 626-336-8830,
    • "Loki" -- Male, possible mix, black and white, bi-eyed, 7 to 12 months old, not neutered.  Up to date on vaccinations.  Will be neutered before being placed.  Lovable, energetic, youngster.  Good with other dogs, cats and children.  Owner's daughter adopted Loki while the owner was on vacation even though told not to.  They don't have the space nor time to give Loki the attention and exercise he needs.  Naturally, the daughter moved out and didn't take him with her.  For more information, contact:  Donia, (707) 372-0968,
    • Female, grey and white, blue eyes, 7 to 12 months old.  Good health.  Very sweet, high energy, playful girl.  She is a stray and the finder cannot keep her as she already has 5 dogs.  For more information, contact:  Janet Reuter,
    • "Subii" -- Male, red and white, amber eyes, 6 to 8 years old, neutered.  Good health.  Subii was previously attacked twice at a dog park by large dogs, so he is more defensive with large dogs.  However, the owner has recently taken him to a dog beach and he was good.  He only gets defensive when large dogs come up to him, but he doesn't go up to other large dogs.  He can get along with a large dog with steady introduction.  He loves puppies and loves to play with them.  Small dogs (other than puppies) he tends to ignore or want to play with in a rough way.  He won't bite the small dog, but he might smack him with his paws.  In regards to people, he either loves you or ignores you.  He is most affectionate after he is tired from a run or activity; he will just push his head into you and want some love.  The family is moving to a new home which does not permit having a large dog.  Subii needs a home that has a large back yard for him to run around in or someone to walk him daily.  For more information, contact: Anthony Luu, 714-585-6439,
    • Two Siberians puppies, brother and sister:
      • "Angel" -- Female, black and white, blue eyes, 2 to 3 years old.  Good health.  

      • "Demon" -- Male, light red and white, amber eyes, 2 to 3 years old, not neutered.  Good health.

      Typical Siberian puppies.  Owner cannot exercise, train, or otherwise care for the dogs.  Consequently, the dogs need an experienced owner who will get them back on the "straight and narrow".  For more information, contact: Julie Rosales, 562-209-4600, or the posting party, Cindy,

    • "Simba" -- Male, dilute black and white, bi-eyed, 2 to 3 years old, neutered.  Has all shots, microchipped, and in great health.  Very calm and mild for a 3 year old.  Gets along with all dogs, people, and some cats.  Previous owner lost their home, and Simba is now in a temporary foster home.  For more information, contact:  Sylva Kelegian,
    • "Miko" -- Male, black and white, brown eyes, 4 to 5 years old, neutered.  Needs a better home with more attention and love.  For more information, contact:  Hector, (310) 806-7730,
    • "Sasha" -- Female, black and white, bi-eyed, 9 to 12 years old, spayed.  Good health.  Good with other dogs, people and kids.  Owner is moving out of state.  Her son has him currently but is not able to keep any longer.  For more information, contact:  Robin Pagenkopp,
    • "Lady" -- Female, pure white, blue eyes, 4 to 5 years old, spayed.  Loving, sweet, calm, friendly , outgoing.  Great with kids, fine with cats.  NOT good with birds.  Owner has two other huskies that keep attacking her.  For more information, contact:  Chris Martello,


All Breed Rescue Network

Mile High Husky Rescue

North Star Siberian Husky Rescue


Siberian Husky Club of Hawaii

  • Cheryl Chang, 47785 Ahui Manu St., Kaneohe, HI 96744, 808-239-6693


  • Bonnie and Wayne Duarte, Nalowinds Boarding Kennels, 41-502 Flamingo St., Waimanalo, HI 96795, 808-259-7349


Siberian Husky Rescue/Referral

  • Susie Dillon, 208-884-2633

Eastern Washington Siberian Husky Rescue  (covers Idaho, too)

Huskies for All Sleddog Rescue

Western State Siberian Rescue


There are no listings at this time


South Nevada Siberian Husky Rescue

  • Elizabeth Davis, (702) 292-2195 - leave a message please,
  • Desperately in need of foster homes!
  • Always has adult dogs available.  Occasionally has room for owner turn-ins.
  • Available, Lost, and Found dogs in California, Oregon and Nevada may be listed on the Siberian Husky Rescue Referral of California page by using their "Add A Dog" form.



  • Currently available from other sources:
    • "Koda" -- Male, black and white, brown eyes, 2 to 3 years old, neutered.  Good health.  Good temperament.  Needs room to run.  For more information, contact:


Kaylenberg's Rescue Siberians

  • Jessica and Michelle Breinholt, Coalville, Utah  (435) 336-7423
  • Currently available - Pictures!


Willow Run Siberian Husky Rescue

Siberian Husky Rescue

Eastern Washington Siberian Husky Rescue

Puget Sound Siberian Husky Rescue

Adopt a Husky, Inc. - West

Seattle Purebred Dog Rescue

Siberians Needing Owners (SNO)


  • Currently available from other sources:
    • "Shayna" -- Female, light red and white, blue eyes, senior (14), spayed.  Has arthritis, but it is well managed with medication.  Walks well.  Calm, playful, social.  Thinks she is a puppy sometimes.  Gets along well with people and other dogs.  Owner wants to find a foster home where she can still be a significant part of Shayna's life.  She lives in a split level home and believes she will do well going up and down stairs in winter from now on.  So, looking for someone with a rancher style home in the Spokane Valley area.  The dog has had an indoor/outdoor life style.  For more information, contact:  Yvonne Benoit,
    • "Reece" -- Female, light red and white, bi-eyed, 6 to 8 years old, spayed.  Healthy, last visit to vet was fall of 2012.  Dominant and stubborn but will obey commands.  Loves to go for walks, but also enjoys quiet time.  Not good with other animals or children under the age of 12.  Needs authority and structure.  Low tolerance for you picking loose tufts from her coat, will snap.  Very sweet and loving, quirky and goofy.  Loves going on car rides and having her coat brushed and teeth brushed.  Owners are having a baby and and worry about a young child being more than Reece will have patience for.  For more information, contact:  Cameron Jongeward,


No listings at this time


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